Student graded quiz – take 1

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Today was the first time I had the 7th graders try grading their own quizzes.  The set-up was:

- Come in, place any supplies you brought under your chair, and your quiz is already at your seat.

- I passed out colored pencils for marking, and 2 copies of the key to each table of 4

- Mark each problem as correct or incorrect, and if incorrect, write a sentence explaining where you went wrong and what you should have done.

- At the end, I had them write a statement to me about how they did (strengths and challenges) and then identify where they thought they should be on the scale for each of the 2 learning goals included in the quiz.

How’d it go?

Pretty well, all things considered!  I definitely need to double-check myself when making answer keys (I had 2 mistakes… oops!), but they followed directions well and it led to some great conversations with a few kids – one girl shared how she feels really comfortable with the material (much of it has been review for her so far, she’s new to our school), but felt like her stress over taking a quiz made it so she didn’t show how well she knew the material.  This is why I want to do things this way – without the framework we’ve set up (assessments as opportunities to demonstrate knowledge, etc), would she have thought of it that way?  Would she have been comfortable talking to me about it?  Would I have understood what she meant?

We also had a (too brief) class discussion about why we take assessments.  On Monday, after I’ve entered grades and I hand back the quizzes to be filed by each student, we’ll talk about how to move forward from here, and I’ll introduce the notion of re-assessments.

What to do differently next time?  I think I’ll create a guided sheet for making corrections – I definitely need to do more specific teaching about how to think about their incorrect answers and determine where/how they went wrong.

Verdict?  I’m glad I did it, and the students were definitely open to it, and I think it provided some good insight for both of us!




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  1.   Matt Owen Says:

    How have your re-assessments been going? I just noticed your comment on my blog from a while ago, sorry I didn’t respond. I’ve been doing individual re-assessments for my Algebra class. They pick a problem, work it out on a whiteboard and then present the solution (either to me, their group, or the whole class). It works really well in small doses, however with my big class it’s pretty chaotic. I hate telling a kid that wants to re-assess that we don’t have enough time. So currently I’m looking for other methods or just a way to streamline the process.


    •   Sarah Says:

      Thanks, Matt! It’s great to hear what you’re doing. So far, I’ve avoided the topic… probably not the best strategy, but because the concepts we’ve been working on have been really interrelated, it’s easy to have kids “reassess” without really knowing it, because the concept appears on the next quiz, too. But next week I think I’m going to have to get serious about it, and I’m thinking I’ll set up an online form that they fill out to request a reassessment? I really like your idea of just having them do a problem quickly on the whiteboard, though! I’ll have to give it a try (if it works, it would be so much easier than more formal reassessments!)


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